Public Sector Accounting Certification Programme

Certified Public Accounts Administrator

(National Certificate, NQF L4, SAQA ID: 20352) 


Learning Areas
  • Bookkeeping to trial balance
  • Public accounting Administration
  • Computerised Bookkeeping
  • Business Literacy

Grade 11, NQF 3 or equivalent

Must be 16 years of age

No prior accounting knowledge needed


What you’ll be able to do

Administer public accounts. Help improve public sector financial management by adding value, efficiency and productivity to government departments.

Certified Technical Public Accountant

(Diploma, NQF L5, SAQA ID: 20353) 


Learning Areas
  • Financial Statements
  • Cost & Management Accounting
  • Technical Public Accounting
  • Business Law and Accounting control

National Certificate (previous 4 learning areas)


What you’ll be able to do

Work as qualified accounting technician in the public sector.