Specialised Gifts

Traditional Gifts

We support Community Projects and the Creation of Employment Opportunities

The gifts that we offer to our Government Departments and Corporate Clients are gifts of outstanding international quality. These gifts are handmade and manufactured by Community Projects from all the nine Provinces. By promoting these gifts we are creating employment opportunities for people living in rural areas. Our gift range is diverse and exquisite and we will gladly provide you with a list and pictures of our beautiful gifts. We promise that you will find the perfect gift/s for a visiting group of people from another continent, for special business occasions or for personal purposes.

Our background in International Protocol and Diplomacy and our knowledge of cultures and their preferences enable us to advise you on the correct gift, wrapping and handing-over procedures.

We also offer a wrapping (paper, boxes, bags, etc) and delivery service of your gifts at an additional cost.

Contact us to arrange a discussion and exhibition of gifts.