Radio and Television Interviewing Skills Workshop

Radio And Television Interviewing Skills Workshop

“Understand the media as a communication platform”

Our media training workshops will ensure that your credibility as representatives of your department / organisations is always maintained. The workshop strives to give you the confidence to focus on the message being conveyed, and not to be distracted by the unnatural environment of radio and television or to be lured into a reporter’s hidden agenda.

Too many spokespersons have been subjected to negative and image damaging interviews brought on mainly because they were unprepared. In an era where information and technology inevitably form a symbiotic relationship it is absolutely essential to have an awareness and understanding of its inherent dynamics and intricacies to maximise its effects and usefulness as a tool for communication dissemination. Every request for an interview should therefore be viewed as a window of opportunity for building confidence in the organisation / company and projecting a positive image to the general public.

IPC’s radio and television interviewing skills workshops are essential for those who have to build and maintain the reputation of a company / department.


Focus of the workshop:
  • Improve your skills as communicator when it comes to the media
  • Have a clear understanding of the journalist’s agenda
  • Focus on the expectations of the viewers / listeners
  • What should be in the content – how to formulate your message?
  • Know the importance of proper planning before an interview
  • Body language awareness skills
  • Understand the vital role as credible spokespersons / patrons of your organisation / departments


Practical simulation exercises:
  • Practical exercises to implement newly acquired skills
  • Simulated interviewing sessions to answer gruelling questions under pressure whilst maintaining a steady pose and remembering to stay alert.
  • Sticking to the subject and to be ready for surprise questions.


The Presenter : Anton Deetlefs

Anton Deetlefs has been in the television broadcasting since 1974 when he joined the SABC. He was in one of the first goups of trelevision trainees in SA to be introduced to this new medium by a team of BBC trainers.
Highlights of his career:

  • Worked at M-Net as on-air manager for 6 years, responsible for image and presentation of the M-Net channel (including the presenter complement)
  • He gained a solid background in all the various production and operational disciplines
  • Worked on several television programmes as producer/director including Police File
  • He trained production staff and presenters for Transkei TV and Lesotho TV
  • Trained Sudan TV presenters
  • Joined the SABC in 1992 to assist in developing training courses for presenters. He facilitated and mentored several courses including camera operations, lighting and production.
  • From 1996 was employed by SAPS to assist with the launch of POL TV and then became the Executive Producer of Police File / When Duty Calls
  • Trained 481 communications officials and investigating officers to address their media interviewing communication skills
  • Assisted the GCIS to launch their own in-house television programme “Let’s Talk” and trained the presenters used on the show
  • Retired in October 2013 and now devotes most of his time to research, scriptwriting, voice-overs and producing film and television programmes